Welcome to Chirp

Chirp’s vision is to hatch connected humans.

We believe connection is everything and we’ll help you improve your relationships in life, love and at work through workshops, events and talk therapy (for individuals, couples or teams).

For businesses, we offer fun & practical workshops with a focus on helping you become your most connected, highest performing, best self you can be. We can also assist you to support your team through making counselling & psychotherapy available via an Employee Assistance Programme.

Planning a conference? Perhaps you could add some chirp with a key note focused on connection, health & happiness or an MC that will guarantee to keep the energy levels high and the team focused and present to ensure optimum learning.


why it matters

Various studies have shown that happy & healthy employees perform better, are more engaged, take less time off and have higher productivity. Investing a little in the health and wellbeing of your team can have big pay offs in performance, cost savings, turnover and customer satisfaction. 

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let's get chirpy!

Contact us today to find out how we can help inspire a whole lot more connection, health and happiness for you and your team. Affordable, practical, fun and no nonsense... Chirp will make a positively powerful impact on you or your business today!

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