Talk therapy

Sometimes we just need to talk it out.

Chirp’s qualified and experienced psychotherapists and counsellors offer a confidential and supportive ear when you need it.

Psychotherapy & counselling helps you be the best version of you.

Working with a therapist assists you to improve your relationships - in life, love and work.

Maybe you’re going through a challenging time. Or perhaps you just have this sense that things aren’t quite right and you’d like to talk things through with someone outside your family, friends of colleagues.

Our talk-therapists work one on one with individuals, or with couples and teams in a confidential and non-judgemental setting.

ready to chat with us?

Call us on 02 8089 2585 for a confidential discussion to discover if therapy with Chirp is right for you and your needs.

As members of PACFA (Australia’s leading association for counsellors and psychotherapists) we operate under a strict code of ethics. For more information visit PACFA.