Health & Wellbeing Series

Our core 60-90 minute workshops focus on 6 cornerstones of health and wellbeing. They can be run individually but are even more powerful as a series....  so choose one or choose them all. They're fun, easily digestible and full of practical tips and techniques that will really make a difference. They can be run for small teams through to large groups ... and the content can be delivered as an inspiring and educational keynote at your next conference.

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We all know how important exercise is but we don't always do it! This workshop explores the science behind physical movement and happiness. We identify the common barriers to getting more movement in our days and is jammed full of practical tips to overcome the objections and get your body moving!


It seems crazy that we need a workshop on breathing - surely it's the most natural thing on the planet! Yet most of us don't breathe properly. You'll learn how to breathe for maximum performance, how to use your breath when you're under pressure and some techniques to practice to keep you calm and cool when you need it most!

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Learn why mindfulness and meditation are powerful tools for health & happiness. There's no rainbows and unicorns here - just real science and practical exercises to help you explore focusing your mind, calming your nervous system and using mindfulness to improve your productivity, your relationships and your happiness.

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Google 'healthy eating' and you'll be blown away by the options and the contradictory ideas. This no nonsense workshop explores basic principles of nourishing your body and eating for real health and wellbeing. Consider adding on a whole foods lunch or a cooking demonstration in addition to the workshop

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Our relationships are the key driver of our happiness & performance. Learn how to connect & communicate and build more effective relationships in and out of work. Don't be scared - there's no group hugs required! Instead we'll focus on techniques to build stronger connections in the workplace and beyond.

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The happiest people on the planet are those that come from a place of gratitude and service. We'll explore the research behind this and create more opportunities for you and your team to demonstrate gratitude and to serve each other, your clients and the community. Consider adding a team volunteering activity to really bring the learning home!


The support of your leadership team is critical if you really want to improve the health and happiness in your business. From the CEO to the line managers, your leaders must (literally) walk the talk. We can custom build a plan to engage, educate and inspire your leadership team to get behind Chirp's programmes and truly make a difference to the health and happiness of your most valuable asset - your people!