Workplace Workouts

Chirp can bring you some of Sydney's best yoga, meditation and pilates teachers. All our teachers are qualified, experienced in their modality and have prior experience working with corporate clients (some of us even worked in the corporate world for many years!).  Whether it's weekly sessions for small teams or a teacher to facilitate a one-off session we'll bring the right teacher to your business to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Don't have the space? No problem. Chirp will organise the right place for your team to stretch, move, breathe and focus together.


Of course there are many physical benefits of yoga but did you know it can also reduce stress & fatigue and build energy levels. It's even been proven to increase creativity, positivity and concentration. A short burst of yoga during a day will do wonders for you and your team!

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Pilates is a whole body workout that also incorporates breathing and concentration. It builds muscle and improves balance and flexibility and is incredibly beneficial for posture - important for today's desk-jockeys who often sit for long periods of time. "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness". Josef Pilates


Looking for improved concentration, clarity and focus, reduced stress and increased happiness? Meditation can help. The benefits for business are so enormous that Harvard Business Review once rated it as one of the most important tool for businesses in the 21st century! Read why here....