Chirp At Work

Our “At Work” series of workshops are affordable, can be delivered in 60-90 minutes, and are full of practical takeaways for busy professionals wanting to be their best selves at work. Chirp can come to you, or public workshops are held regularly in Sydney’s CBD.


building resilience - tools to thrive

We’re working longer, harder and more intensely than ever and the demands on us to deliver are enormous. In order to thrive (rather than just survive) such an environment, resilience is key. Drawing from up to date neuroscience research and proven self-management techniques, this workshop will provide you with powerful and simply applied techniques to thrive in today’s challenging environment.


Real Leadership

Would you enjoy working for yourself? Are you the kind of leader that your team would choose to follow? In an age of robots, artificial intelligence and fake news your team want you to be real, authentic and human. But how do we do this? What does it take to be an authentic leader who inspires and engages? In this workshop we’ll explore 5 critical human-centred leadership practices and ensure you’re the kind of leader you’d love to work for.


Embracing the Porcupine

Do you put off having “that” conversation until absolutely necessary? Do you hate conflict and avoid it at all costs? Does just thinking about it fill you with anxiety and dread? In this workshop, we’ll explore how to expand your tolerance for conflict and your learned approach to difficult situations. We’ll learn how to ‘embrace the porcupine’ by understanding why conflict is important, how to prep for challenging conversations, and how to make conflict a positive experience.


finding balance - a life worth living

What does balance really mean anyway? What would a balanced life look like and why does it matter? And most importantly, how do we go about achieving it in the midst of our crazy schedules whilst kicking goals and making stuff happen? In this workshop you’ll understand the importance of balance, identify where you need to find some, and how to make it happen.


Listen Up!

Effective listening is key to relationship building, collaboration, leadership, sales; anything that involves connecting with another. But it’s something that many of us do badly. Poor listening, at best, results in a huge waste of time and resources and, at worst, highly charged conflict, unhappy teams, disgruntled customers, and ultimately broken down relationships. In”Listen Up!” we’ll learn key skills and strategies of highly attuned listeners and how to really hear what another is saying.



Is happiness a journey or an outcome? Is it a choice or is our happiness somehow predetermined? Is it influenced more by our internal mindset or the external events we experience? In this workshop, we’ll explore the current theories of happiness and practical ways you can bring a little more of it into your every day life.